Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Identifying Challenges of the the Elderly

Task Title: Challenges of the Elderly
Purpose: The main purpose of this task is to enable the students to identify challenges of the elderly, based on some observation of activites happening at a place.

Complete this task on your Blog.1. Research and find 3 Pictures of PLACES. Upload the pictures onto PICASA.
2. Write the 3 ACTIVITIES at the place.
3. Imagine that activities is carried out by the elderly, will it pose as a CHALLENGE? Write down the DIFFICULTIES/CHALLENGES faced by the elderly.


Activities: Ordering of food, Eating, carrying of food on tray
1. The elderly may not be able to see the wording on the menu.
2. The elderly may have problem calculating the amount to pay for the food.
3. After eating, the elderly may have some problem standing up.
4. The elderly may not have enough strength to carry the food on the tray as it can be quite heavy.

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